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Commercial Uses for Our Wall Beds

See how the murphy beds available at Wallbeds n More San Mateo can be of use to your business.

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Wallbeds n More has a long history of partnering with a variety of industries and businesses in the area save space. Our goal is to always find the best murphy bed solutions for their needs! The wallbeds we carry at our store are not just for a home or apartment, but can also be utilized by a variety of businesses who need extra room or multiple functions for one area. Our beds are comfortable, of high quality, and will ensure your guests receive the best rest possible!

The amount of functions and uses for Murphy Beds are endless! From hotels looking to make the most of their room to Firehouses wanting to give their sleep spaces a dual function, our wallbeds are a great option!


How Hotels Can Save Space With Wall Beds

Hotels everywhere are starting to take advantage of murphy beds! With the ability to add vital square footage in mere seconds, wallbeds give guests the option of folding down this extra bed when it is time to sleep! Now, what used to be a room that could fit two people could perhaps work for a vacationing family. 

No matter the size of your hotel, we can provide you with a supply of murphy beds to fill the rooms you want this dual function in.

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Vacations Rentals and Airbnbs

More and more, travelers and tourist are opting for Airbnb and Vacation Rental options! Murphy beds are perfect solutions for fitting more sleep space for potential guests in your vacation space!

Our 100% real wood wall bed options can fit with any room decor! With the addition of a murpy bed, your Airbnb or guest space and become even more dynamic! The dual function ability allows you to offer more to potential guests. 

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Murphy beds have a variety of uses at different types of businesses. If you need a place for people to sleep but want to keep the space in the meantime, a murphy bed is a great solution. 

Murphy Beds for Fire Houses, Police Stations, and more!

Murphy bed solutions are becoming more and more popular at firehouses, police stations, rescue centers, and more! In many instances, first responders need a comfortable and convenient place to rest between calls or long shifts. With a murphy bed, a full bed can be ready for sleeping within seconds!

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